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"Made Man", Rates The Fast Vac, The # 1 Electric Penis Pump

Just choose your pump size. Standard, Medium, Large, or Extra large. Commercial grade penis pumps for every-body. Buy with confidence, we ship direct, from our factory to you. Fast Vac really works!  Just put it on, and you're ready to grow..
The new advanced 2016 Fast Vac, includes everything you'll need to become 1 to 3 inches longer and thicker.
You will start to become bigger after your first use, in your soft and erect state!

We provide 120v pumps for USA and Canada. We include free, discreet shipping. Fast Vac is high quality and professionally built. Proudly built in the USA. Our electric penis pumps are the most powerful, compact, and quiet. Fast Vac high-tech electric penis pumps weigh less than 2 pounds. Each pump has a special high vacuum, serial number. We recommend a safe vacuum gauge setting between 3"Hg to 9"Hg, vacuum gauge setting. Use pump for 30/40 minute sessions, 5 days a week. The Fast Vac Has a lot of power, because it is a high quality penis pump. Fast Vac has enlargement power, up to 15"Hg of adjustable power.
However we do not recommend using any setting over 10"hg. Lower settings are more productive for penis enlargement.
For more details on using pump, click on our FAQ link below.

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All cylinders are 10 inches long.
You are choosing your width size

10 inch by 1 3/4 inch

Fast Vac Standard Pump

10 inch by 2 inch

Fast Vac Medium Pump

10 inch by 2 1/4 inch

Fast Vac Large Pump

         Extra Large
  10 inch by 2 1/2 inch

Fast Vac Extra Large Pump

Customer Feedback

Happy with the pump, worked for me.
Bill H. - Montgomery, AL-- April, 2016

Girlfriend now very satisfied.
Oscar P. - Phoenix, AZ-- April, 2016

Gained thickness and length right away.
Jasper R. - Honolulu, HI-- April, 2016

Very good electric penis pump.
Nelson J. - Chicago, IL-- April, 2016

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