Fast Vac Electric Penis Enlarger Pump

Best Rated

Helps Prevent and Eliminate Erectile Dysfunction

Fast Vac is the best electric penis pump. Rated by actual users. All electric pump sizes are available. Lifetime product guaranteed. Fast Vac gives you a 1 to 2 inch longer thicker penis within 7 days. Guaranteed permanent penis gain. You will also have longer lasting erections, and it will aid in erectile dysfunction. Fast Vac electric penis enlarger pump is very compact, and weighs less than 2 pounds. It is a power house, that will last you a lifetime.

If you have any erectile difficulties, or have ED, from diabetes or a heart disorder,
Fast Vac can help prevent and eliminate ED, through penis enlargement.

Fast Vac electric penis pump has an adjustable vacuum power enlargement, from 1" - 15" hg. You have full safe control of your enlargement. The cylinder and pump have all brass fittings. The pump is permanently encased in a lightweight metal alloy.
No maintenance required. All our products come with a lifetime pump guarantee. Fast Vac electric penis enlarger pump, is superior to any other enlargement system on the market today. It really works!

We make and sell the Fast Vac. You are buying direct from us, the manufacturer. Buy with confidence, our Fast Vac electric penis enlarger pumps, are lifetime guaranteed and made in the USA, with German/Swiss technology. Every pump we sell has its own individual serial number. Fast Vac pumps and cylinders are professional grade.. For a one time investment, you get a lifetime of penis enlargement. "Just put it on , and you're ready to grow".

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Standard Pump
10" by 1 3/4" wide


Standard Pump

Medium Pump
10" by 2" wide


Medium Pump

Large Pump
10" by 2 1/4" wide


Large Pump

Mega Large Pump
10" by 2 1/2" wide


Mega Large Pump

Customers Feedback

fast vac, is worth the price, to have larger penis, I'm happy , girl friend happy. Give it 5 Stars!
Jack M. - Detroit, MI - September 19, 2014

Fast Vac works great, gained 1 1/2 inches in 1 week. Very happy.
Pete G. - San Diego, CA - September 14, 2014

Used for 7 days, as advertised. Gained thickness, it really works. Helped me to have sex again, without dissapointment.
Oscar H. - Houston, TX - September 13, 2014

Glad I made the move to buy fast vac electric pump. Works great, very powerful..
Gain 2 inches, in one week. Recommend.
Steven P. - Charlotte, NC - September 10, 2014

I had many pumps before, manuel and electric, none worked as good as fast vac electric.
Very fast gain, and keeps the size.
Bruce C. - Omaha, NE - September 6, 2014

Fast vac may cost a little more, but it gave me so much more! Not only did I gain girth, over 2 inches.
Plus, it gave me more confidence in having sex.
Jerimiah k. - New York, NY - September 5, 2014

I tried many electric pumps in the past, but can honestly say, fast vac was the best. gained over 2 inches.
Well worth the money to become bigger.... Highly recommend!
Dave M. - Atlanta, GA - September 3, 2014

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