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1 to 2 Inch Longer Thicker Penis In 7 Days

Best Rated Penis Pump

The FastVac is a high-tech professional electric penis enlarger pump. It is made in the USA with German-Swiss technology. Fast Vac pump is quiet, lightweight, and powerful. It's a professionally built, high-tech penis enlarger. It is not a toy or a novelty. Our electric penis enlarger pumps are doctor approved and recommended as a natural and safe method for penis enlargement. Fast Vac will also help prevent and eliminate ED, Erectile Dysfunction. You will have longer lasting erections. Just put it on and you're ready to grow. Pump has a free lifetime replacement guarantee.. FastVac will give you a 1 to 2 inch longer, thicker penis enlargement in 7 days. It Really Works! Rated best electric penis pump, by "Made Man".
Fast Vac has been making professional, high quality electric penis pumps for 10 years. Buy with confidence and security.

Our electric penis enlarger pumps are high-tech. Pump measures a compact 5 inches long, by 3 inches wide, and weigh less than 2 pounds. Fast Vac pump is encased in an aluminized steel aloy. Pump and cylinders, all have solid brass fittings. Fast Vac, has an adjustable vacuum enlargement, from 1" to 15" HG. Each pump has a special high vacuum serial number. You have full and safe control of your enlargement, and it's very user friendly. All enlarger controls are on cylinder, for an effortless, one hand enlargement control. Fast Vac, electric penis enlarger pump, is the newest, and the most advanced penis enlarger.

In addition to penis enlargement, Fast Vac will help prevent and eliminate ED, Erectile Dysfunction. It will help in giving you a firmer, longer lasting erection. Fast Vac electric penis pumps haved helped thousands of men, eliminate their erectile dysfunction, through penis enlargement. It's given men their youthfull lives back, with a happier more productive sex life.

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Standard Pump Kit
10" by 1 3/4" wide
$399 - Complete Kit

Standard Electric Pump Kit

Medium Pump Kit
10" by 2" wide
$399 - Complete Kit

Medium Electric Pump Kit

Large Pump Kit
10" by 2 1/4" wide
$399 - Complete Kit

Large Electric Pump Kit

Extra-Large Pump Kit
10" by 2 1/2" wide
$399 - Complete Kit

Extra-Large Electric Pump Kit

How To Use The Fast Vac

Using the Fast Vac electric penis enlarger pump is very easy. Just sit back in a comfortable chair or sofa. You can be soft, semi, or erect when using pump. Put on a little massage cream or lotion, then put the pump on. And now you're ready to grow. All pump controls are on the cylinder, very user friendly. Begin at a 3"hg vacuum gauge setting. Fast Vac has more power than you'll ever need. Remember enlargement works best at an initial lower pump setting. Start at low setting and work up pressure gradually as you feel the need, but not more than 10"hg vacuum gauge setting. Use daily for one week, pumping sessions should last 30/40 minutes. Every person is different, you can increase or decrease, pumping time if you feel comfortable. The pump is fully adjustable which gives you complete control of the enlargement pressure at all times. You can always be sure of a safe & enjoyable pumping session. In 7 days you'll have a 1 to 2 inch longer thicker penis. If you want more size, continue using Fast Vac 2 times weekly. Using the pump is like working out at the gym, the more you work at it, the better you become.


Thank you for your great service. Fast Vac really did work as you say. Would recommend.
Steve M.- Dallas TX, March 28, 2014

I want to say I am happy with your pump, it worked for me.
Jim S. - Los Angeles, CA, March 26, 2014

Glad I made the move to buy it. Works very well. I did gain almost 2 inches. Yes I recommend.
Manny H. - St. Louis, MO, March 20, 2014

Thank you Fast Vac. I Live in Germany, 230 volt works great. I have got bigger. Put me in, thumbs up.
Hans B. - Berlin, Germany, March 19, 2014

Fast Vac worked for me. Gained length and width. Thanks again
Burton R. - London, England, March 18, 2014

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