Fast Vac - Electric Penis Pump

1 to 3 Inch Longer and Thicker

Powerful - Compact - Quiet

Summer Sale - $349

Electric penis pumps, for every penis size: Standard, Medium, Large, and Extra Large. Complete electric penis pumps, with your custom size cylinder. Buy with confidence, we are the manufacturer, of the Fast Vac. The Fast Vac helps to create a longer lasting erection and can aid in erectile dysfunction. Fast Vac is high quality and professionally built. Fast Vac is made in the USA. It is shipped direct to you, from our factory in Massachusetts. The Fast Vac includes everything you'll need, to become bigger in length and thickness. You will start to become bigger after your first use, in your soft, and erect state!
Fast Vac electric penis pumps, are superior to any hand pumps, or any other electric penis enlagers.
We are best rated, for quality, price, and results, in the "Made Man" website, under "5 best electric penis pumps".

We provide 120v pumps for USA and Canada. We include discreet prompt shipping. Our best rated electric penis pumps are the most powerful, compact, and quiet, on the market today. The Fast Vac electric penis pump weighs less than 2 pounds. Pump is guaranteed, to give you a lifetime of enlargement. The new and improved Fast Vac 2016, gives you an expected growth after one week, of 1 to 3 inches in length and thickness. Money back guarantee, if you have no gain.

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Summer Sale ($349)    Reg $449

Limited Time Only Sale

10 inch by 1 3/4 inch diameter (width)
Fast Vac Standard Pump

10 inch by 2 inch diameter (width)
Fast Vac Medium Pump

10 inch by 2 1/4 inch diameter (width)
Fast Vac Large Pump

         Extra Large
   10 inch by 2 1/2 inch       diameter (width)
Fast Vac Extra Large Pump

Fast Vac Customer Feedback

Fast Vac really worked, gained size
Walter R. Philadelphia, PA -- May 2016

My penis hangs bigger and heavier, after using fast vac
Pete M. - New York, NY -- May 2016

Got larger right away, fast vac really works
Steve P. - San Francisco, CA -- May 2016

I Give fast vac, 5 stars
Oscar H. -Charlotte, NC -- May 2016

fast vac helped cure my erectile difficulties
Paul R. - Milwaukee, WI -- May 2016

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